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Low Rise Platform Lift

 Operational Features

  • 3 person capacity (300kg)
  • Lift height to 1.0m
  • Simple, easy to operate controls
  • Controls on platform
  • Optional controls on landing/s
  • Electro-hydraulic (oil) operated
  • Covered mast for safety
  • Entry/exit points are changeable
  • Optional folding arm on entry/exit
  • Larger platform available


  • Durable, solid construction and stable
  • 4 options of entry/exit in the one unit
  • Very reliable and simple to service
  • Safe low voltage electrical controls
  • Operates when mains power fails
  • Requires single phase power point
  • Compact design
  • Minimal site disruption for installation
  • Automatic folding ramp and arm
  • Easy to install or remove from the site
  • Self contained hydraulic power pack
  • Includes key isolating switch



Capacity 300kg (3 Person)
Lift Height Standard Height 1.0m
Speed 50mm / second (20 seconds for a 1.0m travel)
Usable Platform Size 1200mm x 1000mm (plus 1000mm x 200mm inside barrier)
Foot Print Size With No Ramp                  – 1210mm x 1445mmWith Ramp Folded Up      – 1245mm x 1445mm

With Ramp Folded Down – 1520mm x 1445mm

Plus Stand alone Power Pack 525mm W x 425mm D x 355mm H

Height of UnitIn the lowered position Maximum Height of the Control Wall in lowered position – 1260mmMax. Height with the Barrier Arm fully raised  – 2030mm
Key Isolating Switch Removable to prevent unauthorized use of the lift.
Folding Arm and Ramp Fitted to the lower entry side of the Lift
Push Button Controls One for each operation positioned for ease of operation
Handrail Fitted below the Control Panel for Stability of the user
Manual Lowering Fitted to all Models in case of total power failure
Barriers Fitted to prevent access or entrapment
Battery Operation Will continue to operate up and down if the mains power fails
Power Pack Lockable Self contained with Battery, charger, hydraulic pump
Power Required x1 Single Phase Power Point, 10 amp to operate Battery Charger
Other Safety Features Speed control valve, hyd. burst valve, manual lowering valve, over run restrictors, toe guard, 12V DC controls.
Construction Heavy Duty Steel frame with Aluminium deck and rails
Owners Manual Includes maintenance check sheet.
Installation Requires firm base and is fastened with only 4 fasteners.The unit can be fitted indoors or outdoors.

The Power pack can be fitted some distance from the lift.

Shipping Size & Weight 2.30 cu.m , 240kg plus pallet.


Larger Deck The deck can be increased to 1500mm long if required
Remote Controls Either hard wired fixed or cordless pendant options are available
Lighting Can be fitted to the Platform but recommended on the house
Larger Capacity For heavier requirements a unit with 500kg capacity can be supplied
Landing Doors Automatic or manual operated doors or arms can be supplied
Spare Key Readily available if required
Solar Powered A solar powered charging system can be supplied instead of 240vac
Colour Finish Select your colour for the finish of the panels – Std colour, Charcoal
Custom Build Quinn’s can manufacture the unit to suit your needs

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