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Internal Lift Specifications

Product Description

  • Quinn lifts are suitable for fitting into existing or new homes
  • A choice of cabin design and floor size is available to suit individual requirements.
  • Different models are built to service up to four levels to a height of up to 8 metres.
  • The lift capacity is set at 400kg.
  • Powered by a 12volt dc electro/hydraulic power source, the lift will continue to operate for a period of time if the mains power fails. 240volt ac drive is optional.
  • Designed on a cantilever mast system, the lift is fastened to one wall and the lower floor.
  • The design complies with the New Zealand Building Code for domestic installations.

All this from a company that has been manufacturing lifting equipment since the early 1960’s

Mast Construction Mast

  • The complete unit is manufactured in our factory by competent skilled trade’s people.
  • The Platform (cabin) is fully guided and supported in a Hot Rolled steel Channel section (Mast).
  • Side Guide Rollers are fitted to provide a stable platform
  • Lifting occurs by way of an hydraulic cylinder via two adjustable roller chains.
  • Mast construction is a standard design but built to suit individual lift height requirements.

Cabin Construction

  • The size and finish are manufactured to suit individual requirements but usually have MDF flooring with Melamine wall/s. The floor coverings supplied by the owner.
  • Minimum requirement for the cabin is to have a platform (floor) and one wall. Options include a 1, 2, or 3 walled cabin.


  • Requires x1 double 240 volt ac power point (owners responsibility) to power the 12 volt charger unit and supply power for maintenance.
  • All other electrical operations including automatic cabin lights, are 12 volt dc powered by a large deep cycle battery,
  • Low voltage wiring is supplied and installed by our lift installer. A prewire is required before the linings are fitted.


  • Optional constant pressure or momentary controls are available depending on the requirement.
  • A key isolating/emergency down switch is fitted on the control panel in the cabin along with an emergency alarm switch and controls for each level.
  • The lift automatically stops at the level requested and only the door at that level will open.

Lift Shaft – Not part of Quinn Engineering’s quote – Owners responsibility

  • Requires a single phase power point and bulk head light for maintenance use.
  • Lift shaft construction specifications will be provided by Quinn Engineering.
  • All walls in the lift shaft Must be lined and including all doors and must be flush finished to the inside of the shaft .
  • Doors and handles are to be provided and fitted by the builder.Electric locks are provided by Quinn’s but installed by builder
  • Finishing of the lift shaft including plaster, paint, paper is the owner’s responsibility.
  • Vision panels in the doors should also be allowed for by the builder.
  • A machinery space to house the Controller and the Drive Unit should also be allowed for by the builder.This space must include a 240 volt power point and a telephone jack point.



  • Low voltage electrics are used throughout the design.
  • A removable isolating key is fitted to prevent unauthorized use of the lift.
  • An audible alarm is fitted to the exterior of the lift shaft and controlled from the cabin.
  • A telephone is installed in the cabin during installation.
  • All doors have to be closed before the lift will operate
  • The doors will automatically lock before the lift will operate.
  • The lift stops automatically at the level requested & only the door at that level will open.
  • An anti creep system is fitted to reset the platform to the requested level if creeping occurs.
  • Safety switches are fitted to each lifting chain to prevent travel should they become slack.
  • If the mains power fails, the lift will continue to operate in either direction for a time.
  • Isolation switches are installed in the pit and on the cabin top


  • A Hydraulic burst/speed valve is fitted to prevent overrunning of the cabin.
  • Relief and check valves are fitted into the system as standard safety features.
  • A manual override valve is fitted to allow the lowering of the cabin in an emergency.


  • A pit prop is supplied for the use of maintenance staff working under the raised platform.

Registration & Specifications

  • A Lift Schedule/Log Book is kept with each lift giving details of the Model, Serial Number, Lift Capacity, Installation date and Test procedures completed. A duplicate of this information is kept at the manufacturer’s office. The log book shall be completed after each service showing the work completed.

Maintenance Costs

  • The first 12 months is covered in the initial purchase price of the product.
  • Service and maintenance costs will depend on the environment and usage of the lift but may require a battery replacement every 3 – 5 years. Hydraulic oil, lifting chains, rollers may also need attention.


  • Quinn Engineering Ltd offer as standard a 12 month full parts and labour warranty. At the completion of the warranty period, the owner may agree to a service contract with the installer to ensure servicing is completed at regular intervals.


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