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Lift Installation

Quinn Lifts Installation

If you are installing a Quinn Lift we require you to contact Quinn’s to ensure what needs to be done. As every install is different it is important to have a discussion with Quinn’s who will provide you with the correct information saving costly modifications. Quinn Engineering will provided specifications, documentation, for local authority, and will advise and consult with architects, designers and builders before and during construction of the lift shaft.

Lift Shaft Construction

Quinn’s can provide generic drawings of the requirements needed to complete your lift shaft construction. Please contact them to get the best advice before starting construction. If you require a builder, we may be able to assist you by suggesting some reputable builders in your area.

Lift Installation

Quinn’s own technicians complete the installation of the mast and lift hardware through to commissioning the product. This way we can ensure your finished product is completed to the required standards – and guaranteed.

Compliance to the Building Code

Quinn’s will contract an independent qualified company to complete a full check of the lift at the completion of the installation. They then supply a certificate showing the lift complies with the New Zealand Safety Standards and building code. Final payment of the lift is not required until you have received this certificate.


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