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About Us

Quinn Engineering is a family owned and operated company starting in the early 1960’s manufacturing agricultural and horticultural lifting equipment under the company name of Quinn Baleboys Ltd. Forward thinking and continual development has allowed the company to continue to produce functional equipment for over 5 decades.

In 1990 their first Through Floor Home Passenger Lift was manufactured and installed at Waihi Beach. That unit is still going strong into the new millennium. From that introduction to the lift market, many other products have been designed and developed to assist people who encounter access difficulties.

Short rise lifts were developed to suit lift heights to decks up to 1.0m. These were readily accepted by occupational therapists and private owners throughout the country owing to the simple design, sturdy construction and ability to continue to operate even when the mains power system fails. An External Lift was next developed that fits to the outside of a house and does not require a lift shaft. A clever sensor pad fitted under the cabin prevents any danger of entrapment to users of the product.

Quinn’s Pool Hoist is another development allowing safe access to a pool or spa with optional seat or sling attachments.The Portable Platform Lift is the latest development which has proved very versatile when a lift is required to allow access onto a stage in a school or hall.Quinn’s continue to develop their range of lifting equipment to suit the wide range of requests for the South Pacific market. The aim of the company is to continue to supply a reliable, user friendly economically priced range of lifts for different applications in the domestic market.